October 19, 2014

Grossed-Out 4: The Muckening!

Today, we revisit the Slimy Sludge toy line, if I can still call it that, that appeared in a previous post, but this time on stranger conditions.

Now I had said that Blip secured the name of Slimy Sludge from the European company that created them originally.  I had said their original name was '...In My Slimy', and it had many more sets to collect than what was just available under the Slimy Sludge name.  The strange name was generally used in context of what set, for example 'Monsters ...In My Slimy'.  Still not the best sounding name ever, which is why I guessed they changed it.

There is some news now coming out that another company or new company to replace Blip is releasing '...In My Slimy' blind pouches. They are called Super Impulse and it seems they have also renamed the line Monster Muck.  Hey, sure, whatever.  Just get it into stores.

I am curious now though, because the Monster Muck packaging says this set only has eight figures, but apparently mixed between the Rotten Zombies and the Slimy Monsters sets.  Strange, but like I said before, whatever makes their presence stronger in the States.

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