October 10, 2014

By The Fistful!

Just over ten years ago, Moose Toys released a minifigure line called Fistful of Power.  They were anime-inspired warriors set in a world of ancient times.  It had a gladiatorial setting with a cartoon kid-friendly twist, but still nevertheless pretty cool.

It only saw two releases, with only the first one being sold worldwide, so for collectors, rare figures from the second set are among some of the most valuable minis out there.  Each set got 40 or so sculpts with a few variants of each: hyper, shadow, and crystal.

Hyper variants were fully-painted.  Crystal variants were clear with small amounts paint, and shadow variants were dark smokey transparent ones with no paint.  Of course, as you could guess it, these are the ones with my name written all over them.

But even cooler, there were figures even rarer than the rare figures on the checklist.  Moose Toys are a sneaky bunch.  They released 'secret' figures that only saw a production amount of a 1000 per country the set was released in.  Even ten years later, collectors are still after these secret minifigures, and who could blame them.  They are metallic with some light paint application, but otherwise very cool.

So far in my collection, I randomly received a hyper-version of a pirate-looking character that really didn't spark my interest, but looking into the set more, I am certainly interested in the shadow variants and the secret minifigures like Xar and Seer.

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