October 12, 2014

So Clazy Keshi!

I am always learning something about the keshi world I didn't know before.  Being an American kid in the 80's was great fun, mainly because there was such a big action figure boom then, but since my resurgence as a keshi collector earlier this year, I'm finding, even still, most of us kids missed out.

In Japan during the 80's, candy/card/toy company Lotte released a fantasy franchise called Fortress of Nekurosu.  These keshi were one inch or so, monochromatic, keshis of various medieval warriors and monsters.  There were nine sets, 300+ minifigures in all, released in individual boxes that included trading cards and candy.

Being a kid who came across Monster In My Pocket growing up, I can see a direct coalition between MIMP and Fortress of Nekurosu.  In fact, there is much speculation that MIMP got a lot of their inspiration from them, if even a little plagiarism.  All I know, I wish these were exposed to the States more.  They would have joined my MIMP collection just fine.

They never made it to America, but American collectors quickly discovered them in time.  Because they never received a proper English release, it's translation has been spotty as best.  American collectors found original packaging that called them Neclos Fortress in English.  It's written on all the trading cards, as well, however it doesn't take much to tell they meant to call it Necro's Fortress, considering the storyline of the toy revolves around some sort of nercomantic wizard.  Even still, keshi collectors are a purist bunch and the name Neclos Fortress is what it's most commonly referred as.

I have yet to find any in my collection, but rest assured, I am looking.  I can't wait to cover them in a Toy Haul post sometime in the near future.

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