October 4, 2014

Grossed-Out 3 Revenge of the Goo!

Oh, I should have never brought up sweet minifigure lines that have ooze and/or gross humor.  I blame Slimy Sludge and how I am excited I am to finally find one someday.  They blinded me to what I can only describe as a deluge of gooey and gross minifigure lines.  I have opened Pandora's Box.  The dam has sprung a leak.  It's all over now.  Now and forever, I have been cursed to recap all gross-out minifigures - all billion of them.

Moose Toy's Trash Pack is pretty awesome.  They have a lot of sets out now, maybe going on ten, and they don't look to be stopping.  Each set seems to have a particularly cool and different gimmick or theme.  One they did a while ago is, you guessed it, figures in ooze.

I can't say I was too surprised. Aside from GPK Minikins, they are spearheading the disgusting-factor in minifigures nowadays, which what seems to be every figure they do leaking or drooling some gross green liquid.

Love that stuff, even though there are certainly factors that twitch my keshi elitist nerve.  They are a bit smaller than I'd like, softer, painted, but the extent of all that depends on the exact figure.  Some are plain, and they even came out with some "hard boiled" models that were harder plastic, so I can't really broad stroke this brand.

As much as I resisted it, both looking at the immeasurable amount of models to collect and the fact they made so few qualities I look in keshis, I started to get into them anyway.  There's something special about Trash Pack and I'm glad to see they are a healthy line and growing strong even to branch out to many other things like clothing and video games.  They even came out with another minifigure line called Shopkins, aimed at little girls, that are cute grocery store products and stuff like that.  Not my cup of tea, but I say that now.  Moose Toys know they have mystical powers over me.

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