October 3, 2014

Night of the Keshi Dead!

As part of October Toys' 10 year celebration, they promise to fill this month with all kinds of news and releases.  I'm certainly anticipating a lot of neat stuff from them.  I enjoy following them and they have some really neat products.  They do receive from flack from the rest of the keshi community, most of which is a mystery to me.  Hey, everyone is different and entitled to their own opinion, but that's besides the point.  Today, let's cover a couple awesome zombie minifigure lines!

The first line are Z.O.M.B.I.E. (Zillions of Mutated Bodies Infecting Everyone) minifigures from October Toys, and particularly this orange/black glitter limited release.  These guys are single-mold, unpainted, zombie minifigs, cast in a translucent orange with black glitter inside.  They are perfect for the Halloween theme, and only sold for the month of October.  Once November hits, they are done.  Right now, they are exclusively on sale at Zombies & Toys webstore, so pick up a set while you still have the chance. $5 a set, how can you go wrong?

The other zombie line I really enjoy are S.L.U.G. (Scary Little Ugly Guys) Zombies.  S.L.U.G. is also a great term that references the origins of keshi collecting as well,  A slug was a term used for figures that was cast in once piece, using a single mold.

These guys were released a few years back by Jakks Pacific and saw four sets before being canceled.  They had green zombie figures portraying all sorts of characters and parodies, and flesh tone human survivors in the vein of famous action heroes.

They were quite popular and well-received, but between the fourth set and the release of the fifth, they pulled the plug on the line.  This isn't particularly strange in toy lines, even so in niche lines like keshi figures, but what made it odd was that both fifth and sixth sets were rumored to be complete and ready for shipping.  Pictures on the internet exist of the figures and of the set lists, but that's it.  To this day, none of the figures have surfaced, so S,L,U.G. Zombies are truly in a situation where they could crawl out of their graves and walk the earth one day in the future.  Only time will tell.

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