October 28, 2014

Rise of the Beasts!

Littlerubberguys.com could arguably be the community hub for all serious keshi collectors.  I've met and traded with tons of awesome members there, and it seems, no matter what your need is, someone there has it.  It's pretty crazy, but in a good way.

Set for a November release, they are releasing their own independent minifigure line called Rise of the Beasts.  Set in a word with anthropomorphic animal warriors, these minifigures stand slightly taller than convention, but not by much or at least by enough for it to matter.  They are monochromatic, releasing first in a flesh and a black colorway, with painted options available as well.  They also have articulated jointed for some extra poses, and parts can be removed and interchanged between figures.

I can see the interest in making things interchangeable and articulated, but the purist side of me isn't particularly thrilled about it.  However, I understand the difference between a multipart keshi figure and an interchangeable line like this one might just be the style of joint pegs and some superglue, so I know it really shouldn't be a big deal.

What really makes it for me, at least as a supporter and a casual collector of the line is the price point.  To be honest, I really like the style, but there's a lot of it I wish fell on the traditional, purist, side, but I can't turn away from seeing them in person for only $4 a piece.  That's a killer price and an absolute steal, even just to see if they fit in the main collection or not.

When they go up for sale, I'll certainly snag some monochromes, and maybe do a fuller review on them when they arrive.

If you're interested in purchasing them for yourself, check out this link here!

Also, visit the LRG forum at this link!

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