October 4, 2014

More Than Outlandish!

While their Kickstarter for Series 4 is still up and running, I wanted to say a couple things why I think October Toys' OMFG line is so awesome and why now is great time to jump aboard.

Fans of old Monster In My Pocket and MUSCLE, October Toys look to recreate some of that nostalgia.  Oozing of 90's radical attitude and gross humor, OMFG would have been a perfect fit on the shelves of  KB Toys and Ames right next to the minifigures that give the inspiration to this line.

What's even better is that it's not all their creation - it's everyone's.  The designs that turn into the figures are submitted and voted on by the community that supports the line.  That means anyone who joins their forums and throws in at least a dollar towards their Kickstarter can have a say who makes the cut in following releases.  This is an unbelievable opportunity for any designer - aspiring or otherwise.  Even if you don't make it, it's still very awesome to be a part of it nevertheless.  Most companies wouldn't put it in the hands of their fans, and for that, October Toys gets my seal of approval.

I bring this up because their Kickstarter still has 12 days left and $6,000 more to fund.  Now it a perfect time to join the community and help build Series 5.  Submissions are still open on the forums and are currently still be tweaked and discussed.  The easiest part is coming up with the dollar for the Kickstarter.  The hard part is designing the perfect minifigure, but still, I suggest you look into it and see if it's something you have the creative knack for.

For more information, check out their Kickstarter here!

1 comment:

  1. I really like the giant eye-ball one! Pretty neat!

    Also, what appears to be the OMFG's mascot from series 2 (from the pic you used) is crazy-awesome as well!

    I have to say that I might really have to give into the urge and collect some that I really like! :3