October 15, 2014

An Exciting Day To Be Outlandish!

With their Kickstarter drawing near and with a little bit of money to get, October Toys is making the keshi world take notice, and this can only be good news for the collectors.

Right now, they are releasing a new character to their OTMFG line as an added bonus to Kickstarter backers.  The figure is called Brainwaves, sculpted by Joe Whiteford, and it looks amazing.  If you are backing the project for at least $27, you're getting the flesh version and the kickstarter-exclusive black variant for free.  Very neat!  I hope this gets everyone excited and gets the project finally funded.

Also today, they are releasing another couple monthly variants for their OTMG line.  OTMG stands for October Toys Minifigure Guys, and are virtually identical as OMFG, but without the community support.  The studio creates these characters with the help of friends and releases them individually.  Still, very awesome.

This month, they are releasing a color-changing Baby Deadbeet, which goes from black to white or white to black depending on temperature, and the Glyos character Zombie Pheyden in an awesome 'Ghoul' purple-grey.  I'll be certainly snagging these guys off their website today at 3pm EST.

For more information about their kickstarter, check out this link!

Also, check out there site here for more OTMFG releases!


  1. I saw the Deadbeet being shown off on the latest Toy Break and I have to say that it pretty darn neat! I hope to see others released in a stealth variant like this Deadbeet :3

  2. I know some if not all of the OMFG sets have a stealth version. Pheyden doesn't yet but will eventually, I'm sure.