August 6, 2016

Leaked MWOTR Albino + Metallic Lime Goliaths For KCCC!

Hey, everyone, SpiderEarth back with just a quick news blurb.

A little while ago, the camp over at Mystical Warriors of the Ring have been teasing some announcements of plenty for their booth at the Kansas City Comic Convention coming August 12-14.  Part of the secrets were two mysterious colorways of the Goliath mini-figure.

MWOTR never suspected today one of their most confidential secrets would be leaked all over Instagram, but alas, it appears headquarters was hacked once again (It wasn't me this time!  I swear!) and now the cat's out of the bag about one of the coolest variants for Goliath.

A white colorway, SpiderEarth?  Big friggin' deal!

Fine, I'll take yours!  But really, it looks from the pictures it could be a shiny metallic white, more like a pearl than a flat white.  Also, some extra care and detail went into this white colorway.  To wrap up the whole package, Goliath has received red eye paint applications akin to other albino animals.  A cool little detail.

The second mysterious Goliath has not escaped the encrypted confides of Mystical Warriors of the Ring headquarters, but when it does, expect an update to this post or a new one.  Thanks for dropping by, and visit the links below for more information.


The second elusive colorway has been revealed, and as shown it's a pretty rocking green with some flashy yellow metallics.  Another attractive colorway, I must say.

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