August 14, 2016

Mega Post-Kansas City Comic Con MWOTR Drop!

Hey, everyone!  My apologies if this comes off a little rushed and/or sloppy, but this one hit me out of left field.  There may have been an announcement somewhere, but I think I missed the memo.  That's on me, guys, but hopefully you're following everyone on social media as well and didn't get sidelined to the back of the line like me.

It appears the crew of Mystical Warriors of the Ring are back from KCCC, because live, at this very moment, everything they released there is now up for grabs online from their web-store.

That includes the two new colorways for Goliath, both in a lime green and an albino white, but also some rare pours of both Talos and Barker in various urethane colorways.  For fans of one-of-a-kind prototypes and very rare resins, these guys are the ones to grab up, but keep in mind, these are in very low supply, so you have to act very quick.  Maybe even the quickest, consider I'm so slow to the take today.

But do check out all the new mini-figures off their web-store.  Mystical Warriors of the Ring always makes a great product and they've always been kind to me.  Show them some love and support by checking out what they have to offer, and if you're interested, start you're very own mini-figure wrestling federation.

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