August 11, 2016

OTMFG August '16 BrainWaves Lime Green & Purple Drops!

Welcome, K-Droppers (that name is so awful, it just may stay...) to Keshi Drop!  Maybe a few of your don't know, but my online moniker is SpiderEarth and I'm pretty much the worst toy blogger in the world.  Even still, I really do appreciate the recent burst of love of support over social media I've been receiving, as well as the boost of views all across the globe.  It's very humbling and always keeps things exciting, but let's not drone on about that all day.

Some quick release information today!  October Toys are going back to an old trend (one that I've loved) by having monthly OTMFG releases, usually on or around the 15th of the month.  We've seen new mini-figures and we've seen new color variants of old, but it was always exciting and fun to see what's next.

This month we see a slew of BrainWaves and OTMFG love, with the flagships of the release being the previously San Diego Comic Con exclusive purple and the new lime green variants.  This really hits the OTMFG spot for me, as I've always enjoyed George's work and not being able to reach a lot of these conventions has me more or less begging mules and praying this stuff hits online shops.  We're doubly lucky, not to get a chance to catch the purple now, but an attractive lime green one as well, not to be confused with their recently released slime green colorway.

The swag doesn't end there either.  Fans of BrainWaves creator, Joe Whiteford, will be excited to know a new art card will be send with these guys, and if you're just a fan of OTMFG in general, they will be releasing an enamel pin of their logo as well.  Tons of cool stuff, and all very much welcoming to see from October Toys, who have been having somewhat of a quiet year. I'm sure big news is on it's way though, so it's always a good idea to visit their site for more information or just to check up.

Lime Green BrainWaves, Purple BrainWaves, and OTMFG pin will be available at 12 pm (noon) PST on Monday August 15th. Mark your calendars!

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