May 13, 2015

Atomic Blue Corn Colorway Bearito Drop!

If you remembered my first entry on this guy, you'll be stoked to hear he has his first variant color coming out very soon.  If you missed it, you're in luck, he has his first variant color coming out very soon.

Part wild beast part spicy wrap, this amazing little dude is all from the wild minds of Diehm Studios.  He missed the cut for the latest OMFG set, but he didn't miss our heart.  Now you can snag a metallic blue colorway to go perfectly with your flesh tone one, but unlike before, you have to trap this guy at Tenacious Toys instead of Diehm Studios.

I'm unfamiliar with Tenacious Toys' Super Series Sundays.  I can't say what this program is all about, but I'll certainly be happy if they have plans on releasing all kinds of great stuff every week on Sundays.  I'll certainly be looking into it more.  

As for this one, May 17th 8pm EST, the Atomic Blue Corn Bearrito will be released onto the world.  For $15, you can save one from the havoc it will cause without supervision.  Do the world some good and give one of these yummy bears a good home.

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