May 9, 2015

Scott Wilkowski X Jeff Lamm Mini Greasebat!

Produced by Monster Worship, these two collaborations between kaiju designer Jeff Lamm and skeletal master Scott Wilkowski are more than absolutely stunning.

Using the original design of Greasebat, Scott sculpted what this character's skeletal body would look like, and with the double cast style that has made him famous in the art toy scene, created these two amazing minis for the upcoming Monster Worship art show that's happening later today, 6pm EST, in Beacon, NY.

As much as I absolutely adore these guys, I know there is no way these guys could be mass-produced to fit inside my budge.  As it stands now, at least to my best understanding, these two are sitting as art pieces for sale at an art gallery, so if these are must-haves for you, take that you'll be paying art gallery prices into consideration.

I really expect nothing less from these miniatures, however.  When sometimes I talk about the beautiful simplicity of keshi, yet perfecting the slug format, these two personify that extra mantra.  From the edible-looking translucent fades, to the glowing skeletal remains cast inside, and even to how symmetrical and balanced the design is, you can see it's more art than toy.

I won't be able to visit the art show, but if you're in the New York area, please stop in and show the guys some love.  It's not all lost for us Internet visitors though.  Check out the link below to sign-up for the preview list, which allows people outside the art show to view and buy pieces.

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