May 10, 2015

Toy Haul 05/10/2015 Wal*Mart Edition!

Today's Toy Haul is unfortunately not a interesting mail bag of cool minis, but brought to you by Wal*Mart, low expectations, and an evening of morbid curiosity.

That might actually be the wrong term to use.  I've seen the Wal*Mart exclusive Jurassic World blind bags cycle around the Interwebs, so I sort of knew what I was getting into, but for a mere dollar and so, I figured it was worth the drive over for a good chuckle.

Boy, these dinos are bad, and really, so bad, they are almost bootleg-awesome.  I half expected them to have a 1983 trademark stamped on them, from some reused mold of a random dinosaur set.  Sure, in all actuality, maybe they still are, but at least they had the decency to file off the old date and replace it with this year's.  One thing of a positive note, is that the plastic used is of better quality of what you'd expect from dollar store dinosaurs, so take that for what you may.  Also, they are single-cast, at least these two are.  One solid chunk of utter trash... I mean awesome.

On my way to the checkout, I found this tiny blind bag for Trash Pack.  For another mere handful of pennies, I could get a random trashie and trashie tag, whatever that was.  Inside was a cool little purple sofa character, I don't believe I owned already and a Gutter Grub key-chain tag-thing that ended up being a holofoil chase super rare thing.  Wow, the excitement.

I went to the big blue box, spent three dollars and got four things, I suppose it wasn't as horrible as I make it sound out to be.  Sure, nothing here was that mind-blowing, but I knew that was going to be the case from the start.  Still fun to uncover some Grade F dinos though, so really no complaints.  

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