May 20, 2015

Rise of the Beasts Komodo Dragon Prototype!

The guys at LittleRubberGuys are always hard at work.  With even their Series 2 launch still being produced, they have their eyes locked on the future, already working on whats next.

This image is a virtual 3D sculpt of a working Komodo Dragon character, and you can tell right away, it follows closer proportions to the Battle Beasts toy line that Rise of the Beasts takes much of their inspiration from.

Although having a few figures, I have never really been into Battle Beasts all that much, but that's nothing to say they have one of the largest toy collecting communities out there.  There is a lot people out there, thrilled to see this character a little stockier than previous ROTB characters, like the classic toy line, and I actually enjoy this look too.

I think I never got into Battle Beasts because of the paint, which I'm rather confident it won't be an issue with future characters out of this awesome toy line.  When Series 2 comes out, I'll certainly be following close to this guy's production.  Maybe there will be slug-molded variants as well.

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