May 19, 2015

New Cure Ukkari-Man Prototype Leak?!

Hey, everyone, sorry for the lack of post the last few days.  It's actually probably closer to a week, which has never been my intention.  I certainly want to add more content regularly than that, but it really has been a slow time in the keshi world, at least when it comes to things reaching my ear.

This however didn't.  Off their Instagram, awesome sticker/keshi studio Cure revealed this crazy-looking imp character.  There wasn't a lot I could salvage from their post, where virtually all of it was in Japanese, but hashtags attached this character with the other Ukkari-Man characters so it's probably safe to assume he's the new guy in town for that world.

I personally love this guy, as well as a lot of Cure's other mini-figures.  I love their squat poses and thick bodies, that show just the right about of detail at the right places to really pull off the theme and feel of the character.  I hope he doesn't get the same release the previous Ukkari-Man keshis did, with them only being lottery prizes for the lucky few that bought sticker packs.

It's certainly something to keep an eye on, for sure.  I know I wouldn't be the only one ecstatic to see a world-wide release.

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