June 6, 2015

Circle K/Sunkus Sees Kinnikuman Reprint Promo!

Do it with me, everyone!  Do the Official Keshi Drop Fist Shake of Fury, as news has been revealed that Japanese convenient stores will be seeing a super awesome summer time promo event with Kinnikuman.  Not shaking your fists yet?  What if I told you it was with Circle K and Sunkus companies, Circle K also have convenient stores all across The States?  Yeah, there you go!  That's the fury, I'm talking about!

I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one to say a summer promotional event of this sort would please many mini collectors here.  In fact, Monster in My Pocket did many promotions in the 80's and 90's, and those mini-figures are some of the most coveted.  Granted we can take some relief in the fact that this promo would be just offering reprints of classic figures, but still, we are missing what could be a very fun event and opportunity to collect figures we don't already have.

This story was dropped by Super Punch and I want to thank them for the information.  Please check out their blog below for the original news release.


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