June 18, 2015

Ironhaus Burning Hell Turtle!

Sculpted by Ironhaus Pro and produced by Eric Nilla, this amazing-looking kaiju creature has been released upon the unsuspecting shores across the world.

Launching in multiple variants out of the gate, from classic flesh tone, to a couple thermal change ones, and even dropping with a glow in the dark, Burning Hell Turtle is an independent rubber minifigure looking for a fight.

I love what's coming out of these guys.  Cutting absolutely zero corners, artists like Eric Nilla and Ironhaus are skipping over both resin casting and over-sea PVC production.  Somehow, maybe through voodoo, they are doing State-side rubber casting, which could turn out to be the new standard.

For your very own fire-breathing turtle pet, truck over to Eric Nilla's webstore.  You won't be unsatisfied.



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