June 28, 2015

SDCC Clear Pink B.U.N.N.Y.W.I.T.H. Drop!

San Diego Comic Con sees another keshi release, and likely not the last.  This time in the form of Alex Pardee's warped and twisted bunnies called B.U.N.N.Y.W.I.T.H.

This year's release will see both the miniature figures and the larger PVC statue with a beautiful clear pink colorway, and I have to say, it's really great to see the bunnies back with this one, baby!  I really enjoy these guys as well as a lot of Alex's art, and seeing them now in one of my favorite, if not number one, color choice has me very interested in picking up this set.

And for an easy $20 the whole shebang can be mine.  It's a novel concept, I know, but I suppose DKE Toys hasn't really figured a way to support their business on the Skeletoken/Underground Fight Club thing yet.

In short, love these Bunnies and I'll be hunting them down for sure.

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