June 7, 2015

MWOTR GITD Goliath Leak!

Hinted from their Instagram, it appears the team at Mystical Warriors of the Ring plan on lighting up the night sky this July in their own way.

That's right!  Goliath, their monstrous alligator character, will be seeing his third colorway since becoming a multi-part PVC figure in their Evolution line.  He's seen metallic green, black, and now I'm sure fans will be excited to see this guy in Glow in the Dark.

I enjoy Glow in the Dark, but maybe not as much as some.  However, I am more than interested in seeing how much this bulky figure glows.  He's already a pretty amazing miniature on his own, so this extra bit might actually cause this variant to be very popular.

For more, as always, check out their website and blog down here!

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