June 29, 2015

It Came From A Vending Machine: Family Guy Figurines!

We're back, screaming at our computer screens, at another horror that came from a vending machine!

This time, I visited the local Wal*Mart and for a few quarters a pop I was able to score some truly horrific Family Guy mini-figures, or rather figurines, as there is not much else to go by when cataloging this set.

I bought a couple and immediately I was reminded of the Homies that filled machines years and years ago.  They are fun little guys, when you aren't expecting anything at all, and for as little as I spend, I'm at least satisfied I didn't get any duplicates.  However, these figurines are utterly destroyed in paint applications, and completely abysmal ones at that, if anyone truly is keeping track.

But, much like always, seeing mini-figures in vending machines is awesome enough.  At this time, I will throw a few coins in any machine that have them, even if they are pretty horrible.  I think I'm more afraid of losing vending machine figures entirely than the mini-vile that creeps inside.


  1. I picked up one of these back in late December on a whim and the paintwork was indeed atrocious. I ended up with the Brian in a Tuxedo figure. There's some website that provides vending machine products to owners of the machines that sells these in bulk, FYI.

    1. Of the few I picked up the Tuxedo Brian was one of them too. Truly an ugly figure indeed! But, it's weird, I'm hesitant to buy them wholesale off a site. I don't really want the figures, to be honest, because they are really pretty much junk, but I don't want to see the machines leave the stores either.