June 30, 2015

Toy Haul 06/30/15: Tiny Trade!

Hey, everyone, small mail bag today that I wanted to share.

Got these cool random guys today from a trade on a forum.  These guys include some yellow Monsters In My Pocket, a green Mini Boglin, a pair of Pikachus, a mini Kiwi Angel from Evangelion, and some large-headed kid from something, but I thought he was strange enough I couldn't pass up.

I traded some Z-Bots for these guys, which is a little sad.  I enjoyed many of Z-Bots when I was much younger, but since I purchased a good amount of them, they have been inside a box doing nothing.  I haven't even looked at them for a while now, so it was probably an indication that they were up for trade.

Z-Bots are relatively cheap, so if I miss them too much, I can always track down more.  I am glad I was able to get these guys, however, especially the kid, the mini-boglin, and the angel, who I've never seen before.   I couldn't say if they are terribly uncommon or anything, either, but they are cool enough for me.

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