July 1, 2015

SDCC 2015 Super7 MOTUSCLE Part Two!

It's that time again.  You know the time!  The time where SpiderEarth back tracks and takes back a few harsh things he previously said because, one, it was missing some information, and two, I'm an idiot.  At least we can say this isn't the first time, and really no where close the the last time either.  So, let's skip this, and take a second look at Super7's MOTUSCLE and more importantly this guy pictured over here.

While, I was pretty much on target about the Skeletoken/Pop-Up Shop weirdness, not everything will be sold that way.  It looks like you will only be doing all that crazy stuff if you only wanted the SDCC exclusive black colorway set (and a few other things outside MOTUSCLE).  Everything else, including the flesh set, will be sold at the convention at either or both Super7/Mattel booths.  This is a great relief and surprised for us chumps that neither have the means to make it to SDCC or the luck to be in the front of the lines for special tokens.

If the black colorway set didn't really have to salivating about them, the SDCC exclusive purple Skeletor mini-figure pictured here just might.  He's a super-attractive limited-edition guy, and there should be a lot more of him kicking around and for cheaper, because he's both solo and just hanging at the booths.

Contact your mules and forum friends!  Super7 is coming out strong at SDCC 2015!

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