July 17, 2015

Newtervision Ikki Wonderfestival Summer 2015 Exclusive!

With San Diego Comic Con 2015 in the books, it's easy to crash on the couch and think that's the end of this busy, crazy, year.  For fans in Japan, it's only getting started.

July 26th, Japan will be seeing their second Wonderfestival this year, so I expect all kinds of news to be popping up about all the awesome exclusives ready for the show.

Creators of the Karov minifigure, Newtervision, are back again with another cult classic video game character.  This time, in classic flesh tone, they are releasing Gonbi from the retro video game Ikki.

Like Karov, the thick, chunky proportions of this keshi minifigure makes this guy very appealing.  Now if I could only make it to Japan, this guy could have very well made it into my ever-expanding collection.

For more update on the Wonderfestival exclusives, check back soon!

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