July 9, 2015

MWOTR July Release Reviews!

With San Diego Comic Con happening this weekend, it's easy to get swept up in all the excitement there, however there's still tons happenings across the world and interwebs to also look at.

Today, we are doing just that and looking at Mystical Warriors of the Ring's July releases, all of which you don't need to wait in a long line or travel to California for.  You can order everything we'll be going through, right now, from the comfort of your home, provided they haven't sold out.

July has been a giant month for Mystical Warriors of the Ring.  As well as revealing the upcoming Molie commentator figure, the prototype pictures of which can be seen on their Instagram account, they have released a massive drop of Series Two/Goliath goodness.

Massive drop?  Is that really the right term to use?  Sometimes I even make me scratch my head and wonder who allows me to do this.

The Series Two set saw their first alternative colorway release since their introductory metallic black version.  Barring no holds, MWOTR came out swinging with fan-favorite Glow In The Dark.  Glyos-compatible Goliath sees his third and fourth variants, also in Glow In The Dark and the new Tag Team Championship metallic bronze.

I was super excited to get the bronze variant, because I'm a glitter freak, and while he's a pretty gnarly figure on his own, I wish he was more cover-your-eyes blindingly shiny.  Like other figures of this variant, I think the base plastic, if that's actually even what it's called, is a clear PVC figure, then the bronze dust is added to it.  This creates a lot of Cat's Eyes effects all across the figure, so no two will look exactly the same.  I feel the green and black figures had stronger metallic variants, using colored PVC as a base, particularly the black colorway, which pops wildly for me.  Maybe it's just my eyes or a weird lighting trick, but I suggest picking up both the bronze and metallic black and comparing them yourself to get what I mean.

The shocker in the release is certainly the Glow In The Dark Goliath.  Many toy collectors of all sorts of format will state their favorite variant is indeed Glow In The Dark, but, as I've always enjoyed turning off the lights and seeing them light up, I've never gone particularly bonkers over them.  This Goliath, however, is just nuts.  Although you lose the detail you'd get from the other variants, this chunky beast is absolutely nuclear.  The pictures I took are god-awful and do no justice, because these Glow figures virtually glow green on their own, without light!  The Glow Goliath is that anime, super-charged, ready to attack with his special finishing attack, when you think you've finally taken him out.  Not cover-your-eyes blindingly shiny, but cover-your-eyes blindingly glowing!

For more information and where to purchase your own July MWOTR's, check out the links below!


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