July 23, 2015

Yutani Shouten Wonder Festival Summer 2015 Exclusives!

As promised, I have more updates coming to Wonder Festival Summer 2015!

Japanese studio, Yutani Shouten, will be dropping this convention exclusive of this priest character.  It appears he'll come in four different colorways, flesh tone, green, blue, and red, but I am not sure if they will be sold individually or as a pack.

If there is one thing I can add about finding Japanese-exclusive keshi, is that it's very hard to find any details about them.  Most times, I come across them on Instagram without much description at all.

That doesn't take anyway from this mini-figure, in any way, as I feel this is the hottest piece I've seen so far that's going to be a Wonder Festival exclusive.  I think it partially that SD style of proportions, but there's also just a ton of depth to this guy.  Between the open palm and the staff in his other hand, everything looks perfectly placed for a gorgeous slug mold mini.

Just love this guy!

Certainly, if I can find him on the secondary market, I'll grab any one of these colors, and I suggest you do too.

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