July 19, 2015

It Came From a Vending Machine: Teddy Bear Twinkle Tops!

Today we have yet another installment of It Came From a Vending Machine, where I take a look, maybe a horrified one, at a strange series you can find in a vending machine.  This time, the creature feature belongs to Teddy Bear Twinkle Tops.

I found these guys at the local grocery store, like most vending machines are found.  Places like this and department stores have always had a connection to my childhood and finding the strangest of figures.  And although most finds are horrific husks of a past long forgotten, I feel compelled to throw a few quarters just to keep up the tradition.

But tradition aside, let's take a closer look at these Teddy Bears.  Technically, these mini-figures do double-duty as pencil toppers, like pictured here.  I've always been suspicious of the pencil topper thing.  I was born in the 80's and I remember the 90's well.  I don't really remember a lot of toys pushed over the top of a lot of pencils.  In fact, I've always felt it was an obvious way to save on plastic, hollowing them out in the center for a pencil.  And really, I have had no problem with that.  I've just never been convinced it was really for any other reason.

Even despite the giant hole through the bottom of these guys, they are actually pretty fun little guys.  The bear theme doesn't particularly resonate with me, but I enjoy the translucent plastic, glitter, and minimal paint application.  Maybe only an inch tall, these guys are likely to scale with Trash Pack or GPK Minikins, so they are a bit smaller than I would have liked.

Overall, though, it certainly could be worse for a couple coins.  They certainly beat the panda erasers I covered some time ago, and maybe even the awfully painted Family Guy mini-figures, although I'm not sure neither are much of an accomplishment.  As these guys most likely go, it'll be really hard and really not worth hunting down a full set.  I only picked up a few, but it appears each pose could come in a variety of different colors.  You could empty a machine getting all the variants of all the poses, but I feel anything past a few may be a complete waste.

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