July 18, 2015

LRG-Exclusive Green OMFG Series Four!

If you saw the release of October Toys' OMFG Series Four, but didn't really care to have them in boring old flesh tone and wanted them in something more akin to Monster In My Pocket color, you're in luck!

Dropped last evening, LRG-Exclusive neon green of the new series hit their web-store, and honestly, so far, this set might just be the one to get.
OMFG does take their anagram name from MUSCLE, but one could argue the similarities might end there.  From then on, it might be closer to the monstrous neon MIMP, and this slime colorway emphasizes that just that much more.

Grab this set, while you can, at the link below, and while you are there, check out the matching neon green OMFG sets of yesteryear they have for sale too!


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