July 26, 2015

OMFG Series 4 LRG Green Review!

Today I got a chance to go over the new series of OMFG mini-figures from October Toys.

Those last few who don't know, October Toys is an independent toy company that brings the creativity and artistic skill of their community together in the form of little plastic figures.  Series four here is the forth time they released mini-figures designed and voted on by their fans.

This particular slime green set is an exclusive to the LRG web-store, but as you can see it's a perfect match for those who grew up enjoying Monster In My Pocket.  The slime, of course, was not included.  I added that for extra effect, just in case you didn't believe me how awesome they looked.

This series is quite the diverse cast, so at least right now, it's hard to express how I feel about them together.  There are figures in this set that look the best OMFG has looked ever, with the Haunted Tree House being something that immediately grabs your attention with some wow factor.  Yet, figures like him are easily identifiable as multi-part mini-figures, and depending on how much that matters to you, it could land some negatives in the design aspect.

The one figure I thought would fall victim the most to this, actually turned out to be the highlight in this set, in my opinion.  Poorly pictured on the side in my picture is the Siren.  She's a large mermaid like creature, and stupidly, I hid the ship she is holding in her hand.  With the ship, she has a lot of tiny detail, from the crown and a hanging bracelet, all of which remains single molded.  Most legs and arms of the other figures are clearly separated at birth, but not Siren's.  Siren is almost completely single-mold with the only exception being the deck of her tiny ship.  Taking this into account, she's almost in every way a perfect throwback to the retro MIMP toy line, from the monstrous theme, the nearly single-mold design, and the final touch of a vibrant neon color.  A very big thumbs up from Keshi Drop, for sure!

But that's not taking away from the rest in the series as well!  Discover them for yourself and find your favorite too!  You can find the flesh tone version at the October Toys web-store and this green variant at LittleRubberGuys.  Both links are below!



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