June 13, 2015

MWOTR Announcer Reveal Date!

After successfully hacking Mystical Warriors of the Ring's Instagram account, I know, you would have totally figured they would have changed the password from last time, we uncovered this little nugget of mysterious goodness.

That mysterious part was probably a bit too much, as the dudes at MWOTR have been alluring their announcer character for quite a bit now, and from this new teaser pic, it's going to be a nice one.

The official revealing of the character will be Monday, June 15th, but for those who can't wait, it'll be shown off at Wizard World this weekend as well.  In what form? I'm not sure!  Maybe 3D sculpt.  Maybe resin.  Maybe macaroni and food coloring.  You'll have to truck over to Wizard World and to the MWOTR booth to find out.

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