November 25, 2014

Bonus Sucking!

The Super Sucklord and DKE Toys' Kickstarter for The Revenge of SUCKLE, series two of their keshi minifigure line, is drawing near.  At the time I am posting this, there is only 9 days left, so if you haven't sucked it up yet, well, c'mon now.

You'd find most Kickstarter projects having some secrets in reserve, just to unleash on your poor and unsuspecting wallets at the final hour, and I had actually guessed there would be one in an earlier post.  The series two set is of ten figures, but showcasing on the video thumbnail is in fact one too many.  The culprit being a mini-version of Sucklord's bootleg dunny, but we were all, cue the facepalms, suckers.

The eleventh figure is instead Krono Pussy, designed by none other than Kid Robot's new Creative Director, the master himself, Frank Kozik!  Frank is pretty amazing!  Way before I really dove into keshi and designer toys, I had instinctively bought bunches of toys designed by Kozik.  He has just such a natural talent for design and style, one that is truly unparalleled, and now, backers to The Revenge of SUCKLE project of at least 45 big-ones, will be seeing him added to their orders for no additional charge!  That's clear and glow-in-the-dark, too!  Two variants out of the gate!

This is all very awesome news, but still, the bootleg dunny is still out there, hiding, maybe in the bushes, maybe also sucking the blood out of your livestock.  I'd like to believe so, at least.

Back the SUCKLE kickstarter before it's too late!  Click here!

And for more Kid Robot and Kozik stuff, click here as well!

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