November 2, 2014

More Mystical!

Yesterday, I came across a picture on the Mystical Warriors of the Ring's website that made me believe a translucent blue variant of the series one was coming on the horizon.  Although it still may, but I doubt it now - I think I confused it with the metallic blue set, they made an announcement about their Designer Con plans, and they are big!

They are calling it Mystical Warriors of the Ring: Evolution, and from what has been leaked it will include a brand new PVC set!  That's amazing news, because the set I have of the first series are just amazing models.  I would love to add more to them, and although they have resin releases occasionally, they are very rare and actually priced a little far out of my range.  Not to mention, like I've said before, I'm not a fan of how brittle resin is.

But when it comes to Evolution, there is more than just the series two PVC set.  It's mostly still speculation, but it looks like some hippo sumo wrestler pictures have leaked, so maybe there's something with that character too.

It's certainly going to be fun seeing all the announcements and reveals at Designer Con.

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