November 10, 2014

It Came From a Vending Machine: Funny Monkeys!

Halloween may be over, but the frights still remain in the vending machines around our homes.  Today, we look at something I found outside a local grocery.  I present to you, stupid monkey pun-free, Funny Monkeys.

These sad little guys seem to have been inspired by the Paul Frank fashion craze of years gone by.  You know the bunch - big, goofy, monkey heads on tiny cute bodies.  I'm sure if it doesn't ring a bell immediately, a quick Google search will jog your memory.

Here's the thing:  the last thing I'd call these monkeys is funny.  Maybe it's just the random four I got out of the machine, but these guys are frowns-abound, crying, and/or just through with life.  One particular one looks like he's standing emotionless in front of a firing squad, with that perfect thousand-mile stare.  He's seen some things, man!

They look to be about one inch high, and made of a standard flexible plastic of some sort.  The paint applications are horrendous, just as you figure they would be, but really, each of these guys fell out of the machine for a quarter each, so that alone, is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, for these monkeys, I won't be added them to my collection or putting them out of their misery.  I'll hold them aside and I'll be packing them as freebies for people I trade with.

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