November 30, 2014

Toy Haul 11/30/14!

We've received more minifigures in the mail, Earthlings, and this time we got a ton, so dive in and take a look at everything!

The first bunch we are looking at today was a cool little treat I found on the good ol' Ebay.  These guys were packaged as a used lot of Fistful of Power minifigures, along with the blue plastic carrying case not pictured here.  The price was insanely cheap, as sometimes Ebay can get be.  With free shipping, I was able to get all these guys for under three dollars.  Pretty damn good deal, if I say so myself.  And even better, there was a lot of shadow variants in the lot.  Fistful of Power figures has a few different versions of each of their figures.  I'm sure the unpainted dark plastic shadow figures are not the favorites of most, but to me, they are two thumbs up.  I particularly love the yeti in the top left corner.  He's just to chunky and well-done.  The weight of him feels really good in-hand.  Some other favorites are the robot, second in the bottom row, and the slime monster, first in the middle row.  These guys are pretty awesome!  Previously, I've only had a single crystal-variant pirate figure, so it feels much better to have a bunch of figures to keep him company.

The other package I received was a long-anticipated bunch I had previously covered in a past post.  These six guys are Designer Con-exclusive colorways of October Toys' Vincent minifigure.  There was a savager hunt event to get all these, and I am very fortunate to reach out and find a very awesome forum member to mule them for me.  These six could very well be some of the hardest and most rare October Toys minifigures in years to come.  They've got on record and saying they have no plans on releasing these guys in any capacity than in convention form.  And as we know about Wonder Con's exclusive keshi, they all nearly become things of legend.  I was even sent an awesome resin cast of a goblin face that was also painted really well.

It certainly was a great day for a toy haul, that's for sure!  I hope many more are in store for 2015!

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