November 24, 2014

Toy Haul 11/24/14!

I covered the Marvel test tube goo in a past post, but I never really mentioned their actually decent minifigure line, Handful of Heroes.  Today we are in luck!  After a little eBay'ing, I was able to get a cheap little lot to check out, so let's do that.

Hasbro and Marvel came with guys a few years ago with crazy high expectations.  They produced a few waves, all of them boasting a huge amount of figures in each set to collect.  Each sculpt had a number of variants, from solid colors, translucents, glittered, and chase metallics.  Even so, the line fell flat and kids just didn't bite.

Despite these being pretty neat, there is certainly reasons why Handful didn't get the reception they aimed for.  Maybe it was a case of over-saturation, with there being too many variants for too many figures too soon, or maybe the game it was designed with was poorly designed.  It's quite possible the kids into Marvel products may have been already used to seeing their characters in action figure form instead.  Who knows, but I got a few here, so let's dive in.

In my eBay lot, I got ten random figures, none I assume to be all that rare, but that doesn't mean they aren't still pretty neat.  I particularly enjoy the transparent glitter ones, albeit the glitter being just a pitch, like the green Hulk and blue Punisher.  The sculpts are pretty spot-on too, with the likeliness of the characters really well-done.  The plastic used is a little harder than convention, but I think that's not really that bad.  Certainly, harder is better than softer, provided it's not brittle.

Now these guys are no where to being perfect, but these guys are really good for a big-box American company.  Maybe that's giving them too much slack, but I love the idea of larger companies in the States here bringing keshi to young hands.

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