November 20, 2014

Purist Ramblings: SpiderEarth, the Hypocrite (w/ bonus Toy Haul)!

It's been a busy couple of weeks with work and all that, so, as much as I'd like to do more daily or pseudo-daily posts, it's really not been in the cards.  And really, with the holidays coming up, maybe it'll be a little more busy, so I apologize in advance for the lacking posts.  However, I have noticed one thing, behind the curtain here.  As I'm sure you guys know, I have tools here that show me the stats on all my entries.  Some posts are read a lot and some are dead on arrival, and you know what's weird, for a blog about toys, when I share news or reflections on older toy lines, nobody cares.  My other posts, my editorial pieces, I suppose, where I ramble like a crazy person, get the most attention by a large margin.  So, when I'm not at a time where I can give you a ton of different stuff, let's give you more insane ramblings with a little toy review snuck inside as well.

I just received the scorpion Rise of the Beasts figure, unpainted flesh variant, in the mail today, and really, it's a great little dude.  I really regret not buying more, but it's certainly not too late for that.  To be honest, I was hesitant for all the purist reasons - articulation, interchangeability, and all the others we do not speak of.  The price was great and the curiosity was high, so I just stuck a toe in test the waters.  Having it here, messing around with it for a bit, I'm surprised I took to it so quickly and flung it into my main collection with the rest of my keshi.  The color is spot on, the sculpt is gorgeous, the weight and give of the material is all right there.  I can only gripe about it being a multi-part model without glue, but is that the really only difference between him and some really amazing keshi to come out of the October Toys camp?

Damn it...

I'm finding myself in all kinds of double standards and hypocritical thoughts.  I love Moose Toys, but one really could argue I give them the most slack.  Their figures, like Trash Pack, who hang with my main collection, are smaller, softer, and painted.  I even think their ultimate trash fighting series is multi-part, with their weapons feeling a little harder than the rest of the figure.  Yet, after all this, after really virtually no conventional standards met, I generally give them a thumbs up.

Then there has been the Mystical Warriors of the Ring: Evolution figure that I've been smacking around the last couple weeks, and it honestly meets more criteria.  It's certainly beats Moose in virtually every category except for it being multi-part without super glue, but now I wonder, is super glue the answer? And it's not an answer that needs to be wondered for long, because the answer is no.  Super glue obviously doesn't transform a multi-part figure into a perfect purist keshi.  Or is being multi-part really that bigger of a sin than being painted or being too soft or brittle?  Again, I can't say it is.  Realizing this, I have to either slam on more toys that I have been previously enjoying or reevaluate things.  It's only logical to relax my standards.

So here I am, SpiderEarth the jerk-wad hypocrite, loving some toys for some warped sense of standard and pushing aside others for less offense.  While I could be kicking my own butt over this and hiding away from internet mockery, I immediately know the reason I fell into this mistake, and here it is.

I wasn't completely sold on Rise of the Beasts, or rather, I wasn't intending to go nuts and start collecting them wildly.  I was mildly curious, but once I had it in my hands, it was very much apparent a high quality figure line worth collecting and adding to your keshi.  Why this slipped past the guard and MWOTR got beat up at the border is because I already greatly enjoy MWOTR.  I've already held them in my hands and seen the incredible quality up close.  They already surpassed my expectations and curiosity.  Now they had expectations and standards to retain.  Evolution was toying around with something I loved and, for a lack of a better term, was mine.  Rise of the Beast wasn't already loved.  I wasn't already a fan.  I didn't have some sort of vested interested in it already, but I feel I may now.  MWOTR has been getting it rough from this blog lately, and most of it now seems like a defense mechanism, which certainly isn't the right way to do things.  I have to have a more logical and fair way a looking at figures.  But hey, I really like them.  I'll be damned if some jerks try to ruin them!

Super glue doesn't fix anything, nor is one standard more important than others.  I think if there's anything to learn today is that you have to grab a toy and hold it in your hands.  You have to see it, feel it, bend it, and you know it to be true, toy collectors, you have to smell it, too, and you just might enjoy it a lot more than you first thought.

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