November 7, 2014

Silver Lining!

First off, I want to thank all the readers from yesterday's lengthy post.  I know it probably wasn't the most exciting thing ever, no world-shattering news or anything, but I appreciate all the views nevertheless.  In fact, to date, it was my most read article and that's awesome.  I've done a few of them now, and I'd like to think they were all pretty much glowing with positivity.  Yesterday, I had a lot on my mind and not all of them were rainbows and gumdrops.  Still it was a popular article for my readers and that assures me I can openly voice my opinion on stuff.  I know not everyone could agree with me, but I want to thank everyone for stopping by and listening to my insane ramblings still.

Yesterday, my article went to some length tearing down Mystical Warriors of the Ring's Evolution and what i perceived as it's failed reach out of the keshi formula.  I pretty much spoke all I wanted of it, so I won't go into it again today.  If you want to read everything I felt about it, scroll a little down and it'll be there.

Going through the internet today, I apparently wasn't the only one with at least confusion towards the new Evolution line.  Granted, yes, most people loved it, and that's good for them, but a few people at least came forward and asked for a little clarification.  Luckily, as it stands right now, Evolution won't be replacing their original branding model of the toy line.  Think of it as an extension, just like other toy lines would add plush versions to their franchise to go along with their action figures.  At least, this is how I've read a compilation of forum and blog posts around net.

So, in good news, series two looks to be the same as series one.  From the picture on their blog, they look to be one-mold minifigures, and that's a giant relief.  Evolution appears to be a separate entity, and a way for them to successfully sell their larger characters.  Awesome, that's great!  I certainly didn't want to see the company behind the toys to suffer trying to make figures a certain way.  Series two just won't have a large character in it.  It'll have three other smaller, normal-sized, ones instead, and I think that's just perfect.

Glad to see nothing huge is changing in the way of this awesome toy line.  Yes, they are expanding and altering their large-scale characters, but I am completely fine with that.  After all, keshi also has their one purist expectations on size.  Maybe the large characters never had a chance, and this is a great way to introduce new fans to a franchise I really enjoy and look to collect more of in the future.


  1. Hey there, I am the creator of the Mystical Warriors and I just wanted to let you know that I felt your coverage of Evolution was fair and you brought up some great points. As you obviously see now we are hardly moving away from the formula we started with, just expanding the brand to get the larger figures out in a way that is cost effective and might work as a gateway for those not into the straight up slug mini form factor to see our line ;) Also if you ever have any questions feel free to just email me, I won't bite I promise :p - Mark

  2. Hey, Mark! Thanks so much for dropping by and reading my crap! I hope I didn't say anything too stupid! ...Of course I'll drop you an email sometime. I look forward to it.