November 6, 2014

Evolution Leak!

This week, I've been keeping an ear to the ground about all the interesting keshi happenings, especially because Designer Con is so close.  One toy line has been Mystical Warriors of the Ring, and for good reason - their minifigures are awesome!  They have been teasing all kinds of news, and I think we got one big piece of it... but I don't think I like it too much.

Don't get me wrong, I love all the artists included in this project.  The studios involved does some really awesome work.  I just may be in the minority on this purist notion about minifigures.  I enjoy them in slug form, almost exclusively, even if it cuts into the quality of the sculpt.  I know making something multi-part allows for all kinds of sweet things - interchangeability, articulation, posing, and much more, but I've said it before, maybe keshi isn't the best platform for this.  All these sort of awesome toy design choices exist already, maybe even in forms of toys that can excel in them better, like action figures for example.

So I've been really interested in hearing what sort of PVC release Mystical Warriors of the Ring: Evolution has in store, and just recently they released this picture of their alligator character.  He's been released in the past in resin, but this is his first time in a more durable material.  However, almost his entire body is a collection of random loose bits with Glyos pegs, and I can't say I am thrilled.

Granted, the picture says this is a test shot model, and by that, I hope they mean this will get a slug form, but on the other side, this new series is called Evolution.  This could be a sign to come that all their future releases will have pegs and articulation.

Am I alone here with the fact I don't like these sort of features coming to keshi?  Am I being too stubborn or purist?  I know I came late to the collecting scene, and all, but I really enjoy the one mold models.  Are they really that unattractive to others?  Are they tired of the same old stuff?

Sadly, right now I feel I am skipping on the pegged Mystical Warriors of the Ring.

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