December 2, 2014

A Wild Dunny Appears!

...Or rather Dumny, as I learned today.

Either way, it was a big news day over at the SUCKLE 2 Kickstarter page.  With it winding down before, it released the Kozik minifigure, but now with just over 48 hours from the time of this post, there are even more additions to the new series!

I was on the trail of this mysterious Dunny bootleg minifigure, and finally we have news about it and then some.  SUCKLE hit their goal today, so they have released three stretch goal figures free to those who have funded the project for $45 and up.

Just over $25k now, the Glyos Sucklord, in his glorious non-articulated, non-interchangeable, glory will be unlocked at $26k. $27k will unlock the Blowpeg, and finally $28k will unlock the ever sneaky bootleg Dumny.

 It was slow getting the first goal down, but I have no doubts DKE and the Sucklord will be getting their $28k stretch goal in no time.  The set now is somewhere around 14 figures, without having to look into it and count everything, and people must be looking through their wallets for at least an extra $45.

It's still not too late to jump on either!  Go here to visit the Kickstarter and support them before it's too late!

EDIT:  With only 24 hours left, these three stretch goals look to be soon reached, so two more have been added!  At $29k, Karate Chump Galactic Jerkbag and at $30k, Reality TV Star Sucklord!

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