December 7, 2014

Share a Coke with a Keshi!

You know, it's weird.  I can see a million different areas in products and media where this a bit less attractive to downright awful, but I always love keshi in cross promotions with products, and the stranger the better.

Maybe I enjoy the idea of tiny, rubber, minifigures getting in the hands of new people, but I think it has more nostalgia than that.  I think my acceptance of promotional keshi dates back to the cereal box toys of the 80's and 90's, especially the rubber Flintstones figures we all got.  I would argue that keshi has always tried to be that freebie attached to some product, so that's why it may get the pass while others don't.

One promotional set that I recently discovered and fell in love with was a Square Enix cross-promotion with Coca Cola, because why not.  In Japan, there was limited edition Final Fantasy themed bottles of soda, all of which came with a little red baggie attached.  Inside the baggie was a little Final Fantasy minifigure, either painted or in a translucent red variant.  Most are in classic poses, but some are so awesomely cheesy that they are holding soda bottles or giant bottle cap signs.

I particularly love the plain red ones, and plan to be getting a good little lot sometime soon on the second market.  Now, the red bases the figures stand on are a giant eyesore, but it's no where as bad as the Marvel Test Tube Goo bases are.  I'll certainly do a more detailed review once I get a few in my hands.

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