December 24, 2014

Rise of a New Colorway!

Just announced on their Instagram, that's @littlerubberguys for those not hip and cool enough to be following them yet, is the first colorway set for the Rise of the Beasts mini line scheduled for a February/March release.

These army green variants of the rhino and scorpion colors look just amazing, and they have me so excited for their release.  For those who like them that way, there are some with even paint applications too.

I personally love the throwback color to the classic army men green.  Granted I love myself an abundance of glitter and translucent neon colors, but something like this certainly resonates deeply with memories of pouring out buckets full of little green men to wage war all over carpet.

For the collectors out there, outside the incredibly hard-to-get prototypes, our color variants are flesh, black, gold, and now soon to be army green.  Any hope for a pink glitter?  We'll have to wait and see.

As always, check out all the other awesome Rise of the Beast goodies here!

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