December 20, 2014

A Mandatory Mutation!

Tonight is the night!  Tonight is the night I finally got a Mutant Mania figure in my hand!  Now this is particularly important, because, as my normal readers know, I've been something of sour towards keshi minifigure toy lines that have not fell into some arbitrary mold I created with all the wisdom and knowledge of a toy collector who barely knows what he's talking about. 

These strict guidelines began to fell apart during the release of the Rise of the Beast line, which I gave really high praise.  Admittedly, I didn't make a large ROTB order.  Really, I just ordered a single figure, just for curiosity sake, and when it came in, I wish I had purchased a ton more.  I wondered why, considering I was so rough on almost every other multi-part keshi toy lines prior.  I chalked it up to the fact I had the figure in my hand, and when I had it in my possession, I could give it a better judgement.  I could feel it and smell it and maybe I could find qualities to like that just doesn't reach out from a picture.  So I wondered, what if I picked up figures I previously felt I wouldn't like?  

One toy line I previously described as a design disappointment was Moose's Mutant Mania.  Despite it being clearly inspired by the Kinnikuman, I felt the three-part figure was not worth my time.  The figures have an exposed back with a flexi-spine component holding the entire thing together.  It allows the figure to change it's parts with others in the toy line, as well as letting them bounce around and hit each other.  Still, I was not a fan, but like before, maybe my feels would change.

I picked up a single blind box and it finally came in the mail.  I was pleased to get one with not a lot of paint application, and in fact, pink is one of my favorite colors, but I don't think my opinion was swayed all that much.  And really, considering I feel this particular figure may be the best-case-scenario for Mutant Mania to win over my love, it probably should have made a stronger impact, but it didn't.  The flexi-spine is just awful.  Miserable, even.   In hand, his pieces feel a lot more looser than I hoped.  He would likely fall off his spine with a vigorous shaking.  I could super glue him together, but I won't.  That doesn't feel right.

Despite all that, the plastic's color and feeling is really great, and standing alone, not moving, he looks like a really convincing imitation.  So, as odd as this sounds, with virtually failing grades, he's hanging just well with the rest of the keshi collection, and I think he'll stay there just fine.  But I don't think I'll be collecting any more, unless I came across more in a collection or lot.

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