December 10, 2014

Blog Name Change?!

When I started this blog a few months back, I only had intention of it being my own dark corner of the Internet to ramble like an insane adult toy collector.  I never thought in a million years I'd get as many visitors I do, spanning from all kinds of places around the world.  I am truly thankful for the attention, however, it now makes me suspect some of my design choices need to be revisited.

More importantly, I feel the name of the blog may be too close to trademark properties for me to keep it any longer.  I haven't been given any sort of scary emails or anything, which is good, but I certainly want to stand on my own two feet too.  I don't particularly want to fool visitors into believing this is solely a Monster In My Pocket blog or one really only about toy reviews.  At it's core, this place is my rusty, creaking, seat at the toy collecting freak show.  This is my interpretation of what I see, so maybe I need to reflect that better.

So, in the passing weeks, I've been seriously toying with a few different name changes to the blog, but I don't want to do anything without the thoughts of my readers.  What do you guys think?  Would a name change over the New Year be best?  Trust me, if we change the name, it'll be the name that sticks forever.

Share your thoughts below!  Thanks!

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