December 27, 2014

Toy Haul 12/27/2014!

What sort of keshi fanatic would I be if I didn't get anything of the sort this holiday?  Maybe it wasn't more than some, but who's really counting?  But anyway, I received some keshi in the mailbox recently, so let's dive in!

I've really been in the mood for some new OMFG minis.  Of course I follow and collect October Toy's OTMFG line quite seriously, but I can't really forget all the awesome variants out there for the classic line.  What was really itching my wallet was their Quazar variant in their webstore.  It's a clear pinkish purple.  It's amazing-looking, and if their store was open while my wallet was blowing away in the wind, I would have grabbed the set.  Unfortunately, I wasn't born so patient.

That'll be a Toy Haul post for another time, because this time I picked up both Series 1 and Series 2 of the Exclusive Blood Rage OMFG minifigures.  Maybe you can see why.  When you can't have clear pink, go for clear red.  Yes, exactly.

These guys are gorgeous!  Full, thick, bright, and they all have that amazing PVC smell that eventually gives me a headache, but I'll never learn.  I always love the weight of October Toy's keshi.  They have such an unmatched quality that makes me wonder why I don't hunt after the variant sets more.

I'll have to change that soon, just as soon as I track down those clear pinks first.

Check out October Toy's website here!

Also, this post marks my 50th entry in this blog, and likely my last for 2014.  I want to thank everyone for dropping by, reading my stuff, and sharing your opinions with me.  I've said it before, I made this blog with no intention of it getting any views or attention from anyone.  I am very thankful for all this and I look forward to a whole new year of crazy keshi ramblings.  Thank you all again.

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