December 16, 2014

Ni Has the Good Stuff!

Wait, before we go off and do the big Glyos post, I want to mention something really neat sort of tucked in and a little hidden away that I really love.

They are called Anomalies and they find their home at 481 Universe/ Ni's Stuff.  Ni's Stuff generally has astronaut-inspired figures, and bits and pieces, all compatible and interchangeable with other Glyos-friendly toy lines, but there are also the sluggish freaks, The Anomalies.

Anomalies are beautiful single-mold minifigures made in the same shiny or brightly-colorful PVC as the rest of their releases.  They appear to be the native inhabitants of distant alien planets, possibly twisted and warped by climates and conditions completely foreign to mankind.

I personally love these guys, not just for their wildly-unique alien designs but also for their shininess.  I've said it a million times - I'm such a sucker for glitter and metallic variants.  And lucky me, this Friday, December 19th, 481 Universe is releasing a gold accessory head pack that includes two bright and shiny gold anomalies.

Sadly, Anomalies used to come in sets of six, but I can understand, in the Glyos world, how these guys may be looked upon as outcasts.  I, of course, stick by my last remaining strands of keshi purism, while I still have it.  Still, the accessory packs are still worth looking into and purchasing.  If nothing else, you'll have a nice large pile of amazing heads to trade to other Glyos collectors for their anomalies, which is exactly the game I've been playing.

I shared it last post, but I'll do it again.  For more awesome Ni's Stuff, check out this link here!  Go check them out!  He has much more than just the Anomalies I enjoy.  Plus, the one of a kind custom figures are worth a look too, if you're more of the hardcore sort of collector.

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