December 14, 2014

Outlandish Xmas!

George and Ayleen at October Toys always have a cool thing going, both with their OMFG line and their OTMFG monthly releases.  I love dropping in every 15th of the month and checking what new minis or variants are up, and snagging a few just as they are released is always part of the fun of collecting keshi.

This month, they are releasing a couple new color variants for minis I have complete sets of already, so the collection grows!  We're looking at a holly berry red Zombie Pheyden, another amazingly static gylos figure, and the lump of coal black Brocotal.

Damn it, me!  Why are we always ripping on Glyos?  We know Rise of the Beasts is an awesome line and you'll likely appreciate any other line with interchangeable pegs, you just have to have it in your hands...

Maybe it's time to drop in to Onell Design or 481 Universe, grab a few figures, and finally haul them to the old blog.  New Years resolution, maybe?

You don't have to wait for me, either!  Check out everyone's sites just below!

October Toys - click here!

Onell Design - click here!

481 Universe - click here!

Thanks for checking in and until next time, Earthlings.

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