September 2, 2016

Candie Bolton X Electric Monarchy! Magical Girl Bukk*ke!

Let's talk about a complete shock today.

I'm bored at work, just watching the week slowly come to an end, and I'm going through my phone.  I'm wondering if the wild and crazy news that's already happened this week is really all this week will see.  That would be completely fine.  With October Toys' OTMFG package of puzzles and Onell Design's Bit Fig hitting online shops, I can't really say it was a boring one.  Then, out of the blue, Electric Monarchy crashes the scene and drops another hot news nugget all over the place.  Now I have to get a mop and I fear my work uniform is ruined.

This time our update comes in form of a new collaborative effort between some really amazing artists.  Electric Monarchy's Bukk*ke keshi mini-figure is now experiencing a remix and limited edition variant through the lens of Candie Bolton, who I've covered once before.  Dubbed the 'Magical Girl' version of this glob of love, we are met with an extreme wave of sparkle and glitz across the color spectrum, with some anime-inspired paint applications.

Candie Bolton is a masterful artist and her sculpting skills alone are worth keeping her on your radar, however I have to sadly admit I lost track of her.  I had covered some mini-figures she had designed, but was saddened to hear they were going to be made with sofubi instead of keshi or resin.  Maybe I mistakenly felt that was her preference, and that's where loose ends never got picked back up.  I am very excited to be captured again by her, and with the Bukk*ke mini-figure is even more of a treat.

This mini-figure interests me in a great deal.  I'm under the assumption this variant is a harder resin cast, but there a ton of different and distinguishable colors within.  Each drip seems to be a different equal color.  I am certainly completely ignorant to exactly how this is pulled off without the mass of mixed color blending too much into a shiny brown, so this may have to be something to examine closer with a review in the future.

This collaboration was a pleasant update for sure, but the real shocker is that Magical Girl Bukk*ke goes for sale TONIGHT 6:00pm PST on Candie Bolton's website.  I have no news to how many there are of this, but I can't imagine there is enough for you to wait.  The Glow In Dark variant is completely sold out, and if you missed it, now is your chance to redeem yourself.

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