September 9, 2016

Mystical Warriors of the Ring Reveal Designer Con Drop!

It's getting around that time.  The heat is beginning to cool off and the leaves are changing color.  It also means Designer Con is coming right around the corner, and with that, we will be getting some exciting news about new releases and convention exclusives.

Mystical Warriors of the Ring are out swinging and punching from the sound of the bell.  Released earlier today, they dropped an interesting look at one of their newest wrestling characters expanding on their Evolution line.

It's hard to tell solely from the image, but MWOTR has been working on a rhino character called Cero.  My hunch is that's what we're looking at, but more interestingly, is he coming alone?  This is the first time we've been teased with this character, yet there have been a few that have seen resin releases that haven't received the red carpet PVC like Goliath or an official set of mini-figures.

Is this where we seen some resin rhinos and some PVC bulls?  I think only Designer Con knows.

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