September 8, 2016

IronHaus Productions Teases New Wave Of Gorewads!

One hot scoop going around the social medias in the last few have been the teasers of the new Gorewads going around.  Gorewads are little mini-figures from the twisted mind of independent artist IronHaus Productions.  Imagine the old school Monster In My Pocket figures, but with a rabies, West Nile, Zika, or some other wretched plight.  That's the impression I get.  While I love Monster In My Pocket for being classic horror, these guys scream out 80's slasher flicks, monster movies, and all that campy rudeness.

Even looking at early pulls and prototypes, this wave is looking hotter than the dark lord's nipple clamps, with wild characters such as Turdcat, Mr. Yama, Sh*tty Kid, Diet Hell Turtle Redux, and (the Internet darling) Harambe's Revenge.

This is quite the hot topic and one to keep an eye on, because, sadly, there is no news of a release yet.  I will certainly have that information to share when it surfaces, but in the meanwhile, please visit the link below for more information.

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