September 5, 2016

Power GoGo's Crazy Bones Blind Bag Opening + Review!

If you're not a member on a toy forum yet, I seriously would suggest you look around and join as many that interests you.  Even if you never post or share anything, it's always a great resource for up-to-date information.  One thing in particular that I would never suspect being so handy is the news of people finding certain mini-figure series in dollar stores or some other discount vendor.

So that's what I did today.  With the extra time I had from work, I visited the local Dollar Tree and looked around for those hidden gems everyone is talking about.  I didn't find the holy grail particularly, but I found a display for Power GoGo's Crazy Bones blind bags that I felt were close enough.

I recall years and years ago, picking up quite a lot of Crazy Bones.  I believe this was their first set or few, when the mini-figures resembled more like odd-shaped bones than just weird characters.  I don't have them any longer, but I remember picking them up with a friend as a cheap alternative to the collectible card games that were previously eating a hole in our pockets.  I don't remember the game being decent, or much of a game at all.  In fact, I'm willing to bet the game was actually conceived long after characters were designed and sculpted, and was just slapped on last minute.  There were no official tournament circuit or regional qualifiers for Crazy Bones back in the day, but there were a ton of interesting and rare color variants that did keep our interest probably a lot longer than it deserved.

But at some point, the Crazy Bones bubble popped and we no longer cared.  Somewhere on this planet is a plastic container chalk-full of old Crazy Bones.  If I had to guess where, my best guess would be in the trash, but I would have liked to go through them today for old times sake.  But maybe we can rekindle some of that old nostalgia today, because like I was saying, I picked up a few blind bags.

First off, the price is alright.  For only a single fruit loop, you got a single blind bag that had two trading cards and two random Crazy Bones inside.  Being nothing really more than vending machine toys, seems to be a bit accurate, although quickly opening them up and going through them, I felt they really weren't worth even that.

And before I say too much more, I did know that Crazy Bones were made of hard plastic.  I remember the old school ones I had being of that material, although I want to feel they were a little heavier and less hollow.  These things are very light weight, mostly hollow, and equipped with that ever-so flattering hole in the bottom.  I suppose this was done in design, so it didn't take much to have them bouncing around a table like some wild, insane, bones, but why would you?  They would break!  And in the cases dealing with paint applications, the paint is going to chip and fall off!  And maybe that's not the worst idea ever, until you peak inside the hole in the metallic ones to see their true plastic color is a dead grey/white, like they were cast from recycled old milk bottles.

From materials, to design, to everything, these things are god awful.  They don't even have the likability for being humble vending machine bootlegs.  A big time toy company made these and thought these would sell by the truck load.  Yikes!  But even after saying all that, I didn't spend a lot and it was a nice adventure.  And as odd as it sounds, it kind of feels good to own Crazy Bones again, even if it's just six and they are hideous globs of worthless plastic.

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